The Rules

  • For each round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship, each Fantasy Rallycross player must choose their team by selecting one driver from each of the ‘pools’ on the ENTER page of the website. These pools are compiled at the discretion of the game organisers.
  • For events included in the FIA EUROPEAN Rallycross Championship, each Fantasy Rallycross player must choose two additional European registered drivers from each of the ‘pools’ on the ENTER page of the website. These pools are compiled at the discretion of the game organisers.
  • Team selections will be reset after each round and players must re-select their team for the following round.
  • Email reminders will be sent to players, but failing to enter will not allow a player to score for that round.
  • In addition to their driver selections players also need to make selections for the additional ‘bonus point’ selections on offer.
  • Players must select their drivers prior to each World Rallycross event, and this must be done the closing time stated on the Fantasy Rallycross homepage.
  • Only one entry per email address will be accepted with repeat entries ignored.
  • Times used on the website will be based on BST, not the local time for events.

How to Score:

World Championship Fantasy points are shown below. European selections will score half points as based on the European Championship results.

For each heat (4 per round), the drivers will score 80 fantasy league points for finishing with the fastest time in the heat. Points will decrease by 5 per driver for the top 16. Finishing outside the top 16 will result in a 0 score for that heat.

  • 1st = 80
  • 2nd = 75
  • 3rd = 70...
  • ...16th = 5

For the Semi-Finals, drivers score points as follows:

  • 1st = 160
  • 2nd = 140
  • 3rd = 120
  • 4th = 100
  • 5th = 80
  • 6th = 60

For the Final, drivers score points as follows:

  • 1st = 250
  • 2nd = 200
  • 3rd = 150
  • 4th = 120
  • 5th = 100
  • 6th = 80

23 bonus points on offer per correct answer to the bonus questions:

Example bonus questions:

  • The driver with the fastest race time in heat two
  • The team to score highest Team Championship points
  • * If a driver picked by a player withdraws prior to an event, it is the player's responsibility to reselect another driver before the closing time for selections.
  • * No changes will be made to Fantasy Rallycross 'Pools' after entries have opened for an event. If a driver enters an event after the entry list has been published and Fantasy Rallycross entries have opened, that driver will not be added to Fantasy Rallycross Pools for that round.
  • * In the event of race DNF the driver will still score points based on the official classification.
  • * If a driver retires during an event such as after free practice, the selection stands and will score no points.
  • * Disqualification from the event will also result in 0 points for the driver in question, but if a driver is just disqualified from one heat, semi-final or final, just that race will score 0.
  • * In the event of a fantasy rallycross points tie-break situation, the player who made their fantasy selections first will be placed highest.


  • After each event, scores will be calculated and results will be posted on Fantasy Rallycross shortly after the event.
  • There will be a results table for the individual round and a league total for the overall Fantasy Rallycross Championship.
  • Entry email addresses and or real names must be kept the same to allow overall championship points to be calculated, or if you need to change email address, let Fantasy Rallycross know via the Contact Us page.
  • Fantasy Rallycross scores will be based on the official results issued by the event timekeepers.
  • Any amendments to the official results following the event will be reflected in the Fantasy Rallycross scores as and when official.


  • Prizes, as disclosed on the Fantasy Rallycross website, will be awarded per event as advertised, while there will be rallycross related prizes on offer for the overall Fantasy Rallycross standings at the end of the season. Good Luck!