Monday 8th of July 2019

The FIA and IMG have today announced the details of the FIA World Rallycross Championship’s electrification implementation plan for the 2021 season, part of a strategy built around independent teams that are currently competing in or looking to enter the series, and with cost control as its main focus.

Current Supercars may be retrofitted with a common battery and powertrain kit developing between 400 and 500 kW (540 and 680 bhp), the supply of which will run over a period of four years.

Initially, internal combustion engine cars will be allowed to compete against electric vehicles for at least one year of the planned 4 year cycle, with Balance of Performance equalising both types of power unit. Manufacturers’ involvement will continue to be possible through the support of teams.

One of the key elements of the plan is the opening of a tender. Further details of the tender can be found here.

Bidders have until August 31 to submit their proposals, following which potential providers will be shortlisted and the final selection made at the next meeting of the World Motor Sport Council in October.  

FIA President Jean Todt commented: “It is pleasing to see our vision for the electrification of the FIA World Rallycross Championship starting to come to fruition. A lot of careful consideration has been given to how we can create the most cost-effective environment and we now have a positive trajectory towards implementation in 2021.

"This step also represents the FIA’s first opportunity to showcase electric touring cars in one of its race championships. In the realm of mobility, electric vehicles are becoming ever more important and World RX provides the perfect platform to demonstrate their rapidly developing performance capabilities.”

Paul Bellamy, Senior Vice President of IMG Motorsports, said: “We have been collaborating with the FIA for some time on a strategy to introduce electrification to the FIA World Rallycross Championship. The launch of the official FIA tender process is the next step on this pathway.

“Rallycross provides the perfect shop window for showcasing electric technology in a competitive racing environment featuring production-based vehicles that consumers can relate to. We are delighted that World RX has been designated by the FIA as a first-mover in this area.”

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